Thursday, July 28, 2005


All this vomit talk has reminded me of a drunken conversation that took place in my home not a million years ago. We were discussing all those LOL and ROTFL and DD and all that palaver, and came up with a new one. WITV. I think you'll find it useful in most on-line conversations, and I'm sure it will take off.

Eg. We must work harder on this car pool, or we'll be WITV.

Writhing in the vomit.

Dare you to use it, lets spread this puppy throughout the world.


Kate said...

I like it.
The other night I drank so much booze the next morning I was WITV. said...

I've done my bit for this. said...

Your site is now Number 4 in the world on google for WITV, and mine is number 5.
And I've had someone come to my site by searching for WITV !!

Ben. said...

Well I have reached number 3 on google, you are at 5 now.

Martha said...

Now we just need everyone to look up "WITV" and we'll be instant internet celebs. said...

Today I am Number 1 on Google for WITV !!!!
You seem to have disapeared off.

I thought Google was supposed to be clever at its rankings!!