Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bob and Wendy

Can someone please tell me when Bob the Builder and Wendy are finally going to get it on?


Mike said...

Already have. Wanna see some pictures?

Martha said...

Go on

Mike said...

Wendy asks for it:
Getting cloooose:
Wendy getting all latex'ed up:
Getting too kinky for me:
... CENSORED ...
Bobn thank you Wendy, see ya Saturday:

Martha said...

You're a larrikin Mike.

Thankyou for that charming foray into doll love. I was prepared to be blinded, but I think their chastity rings are pretty secure. said...

You are just trying to get weird search results landing your page now aren't you!!


Mike said...

chastity rings
Crickey, were they wearing them as well - dirty sods! ;-)