Saturday, July 16, 2005

Weekend update

I have had two coffees. One latte and one trim latte. The trim latte was crap, I think basically once you get over trim milk, you're over it for life.

We went to the zoo. It was brilliant. One of the tigers was roaring its guts out, and a boy told Finn it would swallow him whole if he was in the cage, and explained that the tiger had got out once, but you could see where they'd sewn up the net. Finn seemed fairly nonplussed by this near eating, so that was all good.

After the zoo we stopped by Idiom Gallery in Cuba St. They have a great exhibition of men's art (ie. by males). All of it is the kind of cartoony art we can't seem to help ourselves collecting. Sam Broad, a friend of mine, has a few great tiki jumping jacks in it. Another old schoolmate, Turi Park, has some very splendid and moody large paintings. If I were someone with a spare $800 I would definitely go and get at least one of Gordon Crook's digital prints. They're bloody gorgeous.

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