Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cocaine! Not really. Some nice tame reviews

After all the drama of the last few days I've felt a bit anxious about writing something interesting. Lets face facts, all anyone wanted was pictures of the culprits, naked, snorting coke off each other, and I was never going to provide that - although if anyone is interested I could try a re-enactment?

Instead I'll give a quick rundown of my latest viewing and drinking habits.

Starting with the grog. Woolies had the Saints range on special for $9.95 - such a bargain. Unfortunately I didn't blog this in time, and they're $12.95 now. Still a bloody bargain. I have overcome my hatred of a certain wine company, so can happily consume their product again. I never really hated the whole of Montana, just the Wellington Sales Office - and to be fair, only a very small proportion of that. So I'm free to plug their product. We drank the Cab Sav last night while watching Ray, and crikey it was good shit. End of wine review (leave it to the experts I reckon).

Ray was a bit of a disappointment. The acting was great, the cinematography was great, but the script and editing were terrible. Such a shame really. It was a very chopped up little flick, and I guess the problem with depicting real people is you can't say everything because people will get grumpy. I did think it was quite cool how all the white people in the movie were FREAKING UGLY.

In My Fathers Den was everything. It was fantastic, and I was so relieved. Gorgeous gorgeous landscape, gorgeous actors. A totally confident New Zealand movie which we need every couple of years to help us forget Melody Rules.

And finally League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse. I saw this at the film festival. I watched the series on video recently (it was on TV1 a couple of years ago), and it rocked. I'm always nervous going to films with high expectations, so enjoyed a nice cocktail at Monsoon Poon pre-movie to calm my nerves. Ahhh. Cocktails. I needn't have worried. The movie was hilarious from go to whoa. It provided a few nice little catchphrases which I won't be able to share with anyone until they see the movie on DVD. If you have an opportunity hire the vids of the series and watch the movie when it comes out.

Until then, keep your fishy fingers off my communion wafers.


hers said...

In My fathers Den is a terrific movie. No cultural cringe in that one! So often the Kiwi stuff just doesn't work. That Outrageous Fortune thing on TV3 at the moment. Robyn Malcolm deserves much better.

Martha said...

Which makes me wonder if New Zealand can actually do good comedy? I know lots of people liked Letter to Blanchy - but lets face it, they must be very old and boring.

hers said...

I loved Seven Periods With Mr Gormsby. Seriously funny (is that an oxymoron?), un-PC comedy. That was a good series but it really polarised people.