Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nicey nice

What a lot of talk about drugs and vomit. Anyone would think I'm watching High Times on TV3 (which by the way is brilliant).
I thought I'd do some updating on my many schemes in case you were all wondering.

  • Celebrant. Still planning to do it. Still waiting on a testimonial which I should get Saturday. My friends Megan and Alex want me to marry them in January, so there is my first gig - if I manage to get the go ahead from the Registrar General! (Hoping that he/she doesn't read this, as they'll think I'm a flake and far too interested in vomit).
  • Bollywood dancing. I still think this is a brilliant idea, but haven't done a bloody thing about it. If someone else would like to organise it I'll be there.
  • Interior Design. Still slogging out the bloody assignment. The computer just crashed losing about 10 minutes of work (which as it happens is about half of what I have done). Very dis-heartening. My computer is dying and I don't really know what to do about it. It won't open any media applications that use mediaonenetwork or something - it freezes each time. Which is why I don't keep up on current affairs as I should... basically I'm pleading for help.
  • Coffee Cart. In our yard. Still being practised on. I haven't done a thing about finding us a venue. Too busy doing several other half arsed projects.
  • The coat I started sewing last winter. Is still in the sleepout under the bed. I still maintain the sewing machine was worth buying. I'm simply waiting for the inspiration, and when it comes I'll surely be a natural born designer - and I'll have the means because we've already bought the sewing machine. Simple.


Mike said...

Commitment to half-arsed projects is what differentiates us from the animals ...

Kate said...

Bollywood dancing - just shake your bootie and pat the dog. ;)

hers said...

Half-arsed commitment? Is that an oxymoron? They seem to be popping up everywhere these days.

Like the WITV by the way. I just hope I can remember it.