Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Your Wu name

My Wu-Name is Masta Mathematics.
Take Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

I think this is pretty deeply uncool to be honest. I was crap at maths, so I guess it is ironic?

9 comments: said...

When I type your name in I get:
"Tha Winged The Darkwoman"


Mr Reasonable said...

I get Johnny Hyper Snyper - pretty cool since my shots at Lombard etc.

My full name gives me Johnny Diamonds which only half-pie will find funny for work related boring reasons.

Martha said...

And what do you get Ben?

And Johnny Hyper Snyper and Johnny Diamonds are both terrific names. I've mentioned on your blog, but will add here that Fair Go tonight was most interesting. LJ Hooker made a poor done-over couple cry - in a good way.

Mike said...

Real name gave me: Insane Disciple
Blog name: Illmaster Ambassador

I'm using the Blog name from now on!

Martha said...

Good one Illmaster. Frankly Miramar wasn't really gangsta enuff - aye? said...

I get "Babyfaced Rebel". Super. said...

Oh, it turns out your name isn't Wanda after all. Hi Martha!


Em said...

Female The Gravekeeper

It's all a bit more Buffy than Wu?

Anonymous said...

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