Monday, July 04, 2005

Martha's first latte!

Martha's first latte!
Martha's first latte!, originally uploaded by Wanda Harland.

I'm quite proud of this. It is a bit bubbly looking, but I reckon I can fix that. It tasted delicious, and that is what counts.

We had a lesson in the weekend, and have been practising madly since. I think we've got a way to go before we go public, but I reckon we're about twice as good as half the places out there - which isn't saying that much as there is some pretty shonky coffee being brewed in this world.

Still no name, still haven't set up our company (we're calling soon Brena! Have to think of the damn name first). We have got a towbar now though, as of today.


Alan said...

Looks OK to me. Perhaps you could test it out on Mr Reasonable and I. We could give you a critique.

Brena said...

Mmmmm Coffee! And there's a name...

Jessie said...

You could always set up a company with a boring name and then name your cart something more exciting.

David said...

With all that testing, have you been bouncing around the house energetically at 3am?

And weeing a lot?