Sunday, July 17, 2005

Ask me anything

Last nights quiz was terrific fun. It was located in the fabulously retro styled Shandon Golf Club. I tell ya, those golfers know which side their bread is buttered. They've scored acres of gorgeous greenery next to the river in which to drink their shandies, and I reckon they're onto a good thing.

I was part of a fairly crack team of intellectual giants. A wonder really that we only came fourth. I suspect there was some rigging, I mean, who would really know how far it is from Hawera to New Plymouth? (Sorry Esther - you did know, and I'm a loser). On a more positive note I have found the value of being married to a scientist - by osmosis I've remembered the periodic table.

I think if you can get into these charitable affairs they're the way to go. It was $15, and there was masses of food, good questions, and a spectacularly reasonably priced raffle. Almost everyone won something, and they were very good prizes. I got a voucher to Palace Cafe (nice), a vase (very nice) and a couple of very dishy soaps (nice).

All credit to the ladies in the kitchen.

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David said...

The last time I did a pub quiz, it turned in to a blazing row about the unit of currency used in Zimbabwe. The quiz setter said it was the South African Rand, because he'd seen a trade denominated in rand at work recently. My team had a bloke from Zimbabwe who begged to differ. I was happy to point out that it was possible to conduct international trade in a currency other than your own, and that this was often done using the US dollar. Still, the quiz setter couldn't be swayed from his bizarre view :-(