Monday, August 13, 2007

8 Random Things

Nicola has tagged me with 8 random things. I haven't done a meme for a squazillion years, and I suspect I have no random things left to say, but I'll give it a punt.

1. Geez this is hard, given I write random facts about myself every day, I feel somewhat self conscious doing it in this format.

Umm. My hangovers have always been a lot worse than I deserve. Even when I was young I'd feel really seedy after a couple of glasses of wine. This probably indicates I should stop drinking, but in fact I think it stops me drinking more often, so works perfectly really.

2. If I won lotto today, I'd buy a Michael Parekowhai picture immediately.

3. I'm a silver person, or white gold, or ideally platinum.

4. I have 4 new coats this winter. An outrageous amount, but they're all great.

5. I keep saying I'm going to start keeping my age a secret, but I never do. Problem is, I keep thinking my age sounds quite young.

6. I always have sundried tomato cream cheese on a sesame bagel at Wholly Bagels.

7. I like gardening a lot. I especially enjoy pulling weeds out of the lawn.

8. I'm going to do a marketing paper next year at Massey. I suspect I should've done marketing *mutter* years ago when I first went to university, but for some reason I did arts. Sadly this has given me too much affection for buying pictures (see no 2).

I tag you all. Every one of you.


Oy Vey said...

Oh I am so too a white gold/ideally platinum woman as well. In fact my wedding band was white gold and sapphires, but it cracked and the jeweler replaced it for free with a platinum version. Now it sits in my jewerly box though I wish I could just wear it and lie and say it was a family heirloom I love it so much.

I can honestly say the only piece of yellow gold I have in my jewelry box is a gold bangle my mother brought me from India that I have never worn once and tried to sell on eBay and noone bit.

And I love that PF song!

unPC lesbian said...

re weeding.....please come and visit!! (we do nice coffee.....well Dave at Peoples does)

Martha Craig said...

Hmm, I think my attachment to weeding our lawn is related to the fact I rolled the thing out, so any weed is like a personal affront.

But coffee is always welcome.

Rosiemunda said...

I too love gardening and weeding, but alas I have no garden only a stinky bit of alley way for my pot plant (they are all a bit dead now). In fact last night I actually dreamt about gardening at my dads house. The secret garden was my favourite movie age 11.

Rosiemunda said...

ha, pot plants, not pot plant, I do not smoke the pot or grow it.

I wonder if I will ever comment on your blog without having to amend the comment with another one? This is a repeating pattern.