Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm back, and I'm bad

We went to Taupo. It was very spur of the moment, we wanted to go away, we wanted to show the children snow, and so Taupo won. We stayed at an amazing holiday house. I am very smitten with . Every time we've stayed in one, they have been fabulous, this one was no exception. I knew I loved it the minute I walked in and saw the delicious retro wallpaper in the kitchen - the place was gorgeous. It got even better when we woke in the morning and took in the view. Spectacular doesn't begin to describe it.
Acacia Bay

We went up to Wai o Tapu to check out the geothermal activity. Lovely place.
Devil's milkshake (or something that caused me to have to explain the concept of 'devil')
And we watched a dam somewhere fill a river somewhere, and we went up to Whakapapa to check out the snow. Next year we'll ski, but Malo is still a bit little. I've never seen the Chateau before, and it was coooool. If I was someone else, and getting married, I'd go there, and invite me. Someone, please, heed my call.

What else? We went to Tokaanu to check the hotpools out, but SOMEONE left my togs and towels behind, so we ended up going to DeBretts instead, which wasn't as good, but still nice and warm.

Highlight of the holiday was going on a fishing charter with the lovely man, Jim, who owns the bach we stayed in, and also happens to run a charter business. We caught a few trout, they were all little and had to be sent back. I didn't mind, the novelty of reeling in those suckers was splendid, and Jim basically did all the boring stuff and let us mooch around and pull in the fish. We went to see the Maori rock carvings.
Maori Rock Carvings (Taupo)
And we returned home to a painted house, which is very lovely and very relaxing.

Now I have to go and freak out about being interviewed for the telly. Cor.


stephen said...

.. he's black and you're mad.

Do I win a prize?

Pixie said...

ohh, good idea for a wedding, I'll see what I can do! Ha! holiday houses hmmm, worth a look too, thanks. And Martha on the telly? you must tell us more.

Rosiemunda said...

wow that sounds divine, wah I am jealous! It was 25 here in melbourne today but I didn't get to leave my computer to go outside and enjoy it. wah.