Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I need a break, mate. Life is busy as a busy thing.

Craft2.0 is on next weekend, and should be a total blast, and I'm thinking after that we hit the road. Cannot wait.

Ideas welcome, I'd like to take in some snow and I'd also like to be warm. Easy ask eh?


Tom said...

I'll report back from our ski weekend.
Cold = snow
Warm = lots of aprés-ski glüwein, Shiraz and brandy

craft said...

I'm going to rarotonga, screw the snow i want fishies

Cathi said...

Warm = longjohns

There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes

unPC lesbian said...

My good old favourite, the Rainbow Lodge at can drive over the saddle to Whakapapa and then at night relax in the Rainbows own hotpools...private concrete tubs, clean and open air......blisssssss

Martha Craig said...

Oooh, good tip, will check it out.

alisonmc said...

If you want to use your passport but stay on this side of the world my pick would be Thredbo or Falls Creek. I used to go there in winter when I lived in Australia. It snows until September and Melbourne's only a few hours away.

aka Special K said...

Noosa Noosa Noosa Noosa. It's the exact opposite of Wellington in winter. The birds are colourful and loud, the beach is squeaky and warm, the water is blooody freezing but that's beside the point, and it was good to get my jandals out of retirement, if only for a short time.