Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ohmigod, then I found this

I knew every bloody intonation of every singer when this little puppy came out.

The 80s was so full of earnestness - We Are the World bring it on - and please note how the only vaguely hip person was Brucie, and he rocked it baby, and imagine if Michael Jackson had stopped the surgery then, and now I understand why I feel the way I do about Bob Dylan. That is all I am saying.


spentrails said...

This has made me really tearful.

But who's the guy at the back, in the glasses, at about 1.14 to go, who's forgotten the words?

Martha Craig said...

Ooooh, crazy! I was going to ask the same thing, but didn't think anyone would be bothered looking. He was the only 'normal' looking person there. No idea who.

Ben Kepes said...

i reckon springsteen rocked in that vid..... and cyndi was kind of happening..... and yeah I have to concur about Dylan

Ahhh Barney's Dixon Street mid '90's

David Slack said...

It might be a slim Dan Aykroyd.

I love the Bob, but I suspect that's not what you two are saying?

Martha Craig said...

I have to rebel against the Bob, because Glen AND my parents like it, and my formative memories are 80s Bob - no good.

Martha Craig said...

oh, and I'm not lyrics person. You have to be a lyrics person to like Bob.

For me the zenith of music is mahna mahna.

stephen said...

That is Dan Ackroyd, in between Lindsay Buckingham and Harry Belafonte.

And quit on the Bob hatin', dudes :))

Cathi said...

My hopeless laptop is still without sound. My fault but it does make YouTube videos entertaining in a whole different way

Anyone catch the filthy look Paul Simon gave Kenny Rogers, and the one Kenny shot right back? Blistering :)

Ben Kepes said...

I reckon Paul Simon must have had the last spicy wedge at lunchtime - Kenny Rogers was still hungry and that caused the rift we saw. Although Paul looked pissed at Kenny but Kenny seemed pretty ambivalent really.

Bob lost a bit of cred when he changed is name from Robert Zimmerman

And Bruce looked pretty hot for 1985!

Oy Vey said...

Doubtful it hit the shores of your nation with the force that it hit mine, but this is quintessential 80s America:

(why can't I do a hyperlink in Firefox?!)

In fact, the electric beatbox is willing me to post this on my own blog.