Monday, August 06, 2007

Morning o' fun

I'm a big fan of airports. Love 'em. I love them when I'm travelling, and I love meeting people arriving. Departures are not so good, but still, they're a fabulous opportunity to do a bit of people watching and coffee drinking.

The boys and I went to pick up my parents today. They've been in France and Japan for 5 weeks. We made sure we arrived nice and early so we could get some (frankly terrible) sushi, coffee, fluffies and muffins from Fuel. Wishbone gets my pick for food, but Fuel coffee can't be beat.

We mooched around, picked up and put down some books, saw some cops escort a guy through the airport who was unnervingly hairless and had an open shirt on, saw lots of people who looked vaguely familiar (hello, Wellington!), used the fabulous Parent's Room (if you have kids, you need to check it out - clean and empty), gazed at the 102 inch screen.

And then we had the pleasure of welcoming my parents back. They always come with lashings of nougat, duty free, toys and clothes for the kids.

Now I'm planning my next trip to the airport. Hopefully it will involve passports and tickets and a long time away, now I need a dart and a map...

Update: This must be the guy! Chur Hadyn.


Nikki and Hannah said...

Link not working to violent man... I assume this is it - ?

P.S. New reader to your blog - very impressed, quickly became part of my daily blog stalking ;)

Martha Craig said...

oops, thanks! I've repaired it now (hopefully).

Mrs Smith said...

France and Japan? What an unusual combo. Ask them if they saw any fat people (Just wondering, due to the popularity of the books "Why French women don't get fat" and a later version "Why Japanese women don't get fat.")