Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Take a bullet for me

My favourite bullet point stylie reportage on life.

  • Busy. Man, when does that change?
  • Gonna be on ASB Business at some ungodly hour, some time in the next week, being dorky.
  • My phone is dead, and I suspect the charger is in Taupo.
  • My house is very tidy (thanks to aforementioned tv thing), and very painted.
  • The dog is losing bits of herself today, and will come back unable to conceive. Choice. Hopefully she'll be sleepy for a day or two as well, so we get a breather from puppy-mayhem.
  • The Great Blend is on Thursday. I'm unable to make it, but you definitely should.
  • I haven't had lunch and my mind is wandering.
  • Our coffee machine is on the blink, so we bought a new plunger to tide us over, I love it. It is the Columbia, can't get linky to linky proper.
  • Child on me. Too much boring info in post already. Will go.


melissa said...

ooh, asb business, eh? have fun!
we have the same coffee plunger. most days, i rejoice in its existence.

Mr Reasonable said...

Yay, I'll watch you whilst I eat my breakie and drink my first cup of black gold.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Going through Taupo this weekend if you want me to pick up charger somehow and get it a few hundred kms closer to Wellington?

Exciting about TV!

Those ASB Business people seem to usually be quite useless, you'll be a welcome change.

harvestbird said...

It is, I think, a good thing to be missing out on the messy wonder that is a bitch in season. Millie and Evie have both been on for the last two weeks. It is like the scene of some kind of ritual deflowering, stain-wise (too much information? Possibly.)