Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another title.

I went out AGAIN last night, to a bloggers meet. It was fun, and funny, and I'm waiting for someone else to write about it so I don't have to do all that linky stuff, because it takes ages, and I'm not that way inclined.

Two outings in a single week is a bit of a record for me, but get this, I'm going out again tomorrow. Three times. My cup runneth over.

And because of that bloody running over cup, I'm mental at the minute. I've been firing off replies to the freaking fab people I went to school with who have added me on Facebook, and it is fair to say they'll probably take protection orders out against me. I've been raving. It is that perfect diet of not much food, quite a bit of booze and coffee - the very same one that got me through 3ish years of university - you might say it made me the person I am today.

See what I mean about the raving?

Update: Bless Mauricio for having the energy to be linky, so I don't have to.
Here is the post about last night's gathering.


M Freitas said...

I will post about last night's meeting after I come back from my coffee with Bella...

M Freitas said...

Here we go, some link love: