Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday - it is from within the last decade!

I listened to the Phoenix Foundation's Horsepower when I was in labour. I still like it. The same cannot be said for the Beta Band, listening to them takes me right back to that hideous delivery suite. I guess I must've had more of the gas when I was listening to Phoenix Foundation. May I recommend that gas? I don't know what it is, but it gives one all the properties that usually it takes 3 hours at the pub to attain.

I love many of the Phoenix Foundation songs. Many. I love this one too.


Ben Kepes said...

50/50 mx of pure oxygen and nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

unPC lesbian said...

Can be obtained at some Dentists as well...or if all else fails the little bombs that are used in soda syphons or whipped cream syphons.

WARNING: ensure ALL water has been removed from soda syphon before attempting to inhale the gas!

stephen said...

ha ha ha you were bombed on Nos when you were giving birth? Awesome!