Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm full of swear words UPDATE! Cleaned up for the sake of my old dad, who is coming back from France tomorrow, and can't hack the swearing words ;-)

I can't stop swearing. Every word that sprouts from my mouth is prefixed with "jeepers". Oy.

I'm as hungover as you can be without being a little bit dead.

Last night I started the evening with Wellingtonista drinkies at corporate headquarters. It was an early start, and a long night. Spidey!. Lollylicking holy moly.

Um, so we started at the Herd St Brasserie (I'm not linking to anything today because of the hungoveredness), the Wellintonistae split and I hung out with some other awesome dudes and went to the the-atre and watched J w-lea do Marlene. To be honest, I have the attention span of a newt, so theatre is really not my gig. She was good, and everyone raved, but my mind was wandering a little. At half time I had to run back to the Herd St Brasserie to retrieve my wallet, and I pilfered a lemonade off a couple of theatre goers, so not only did I have the attention span of a newt, but I also had the moxy of a freaking 16 year old. Running and fizzy drinks! Dur.

Then we went to Boulot. I had an excruciatingly embarrassing fall off my very high stool, and now my derriere feels a little like a big bruise. I drank way too many clean martinis, and today my mouth feels like the lower end of an olive barrel. Fortunately I had the hindsight to go to bed fully dressed, so the onerous business of choosing clothes has been eliminated from my day.


Michelle said...

You may or may not recall we ran into each other last night. And you know what? I love you too.

Joanna said...

Hahaha! I don't know Michelle, but that's brilliant.

After you left, Martha, we had a very civilised night - only four bottles of wine with dinner and two drinks apiece at the Hawthorn.