Thursday, August 16, 2007

When I groweded up

Mostly I don't need to feel like anything much has changed in my life. You know, I've had some kids, but truth be told, they like faffing around, doing pretty much the same shit as me. We run around the park, go on the swings, beg to eat at McDonald's, get denied stuff, try and sneak lollies, laugh a lot, watch rubbish telly, play on the computer, harass the dog, dance around the lounge. I start begging for martinis at 4.30pm, they start asking to eat.

Today though, it all changes. Today we're going to school for our first parent/teacher interviews. And I'm the parent! I'm bloody hoping we don't get told of for nuffin, 'cos this is one situation where the buck stops here.

Wish me luck.


Susan Harper said...

At our first parent/teacher interview a few months ago we were asked "How do you make Hazel do something she doesn't want to do?"

We looked really really blank. But it was fine anyway.

brenda said...

Personally I found going to see the principle a much more threatening and weird experience!
Oh, and the tiny toilets.h

tinks said...

When faced with a situation where I'm required to be mature and knowledgable, I rub my chin thoughtfully, squint a little, and nod. Then say something completely cryptic and unrelated, like "I knew a (insert teacher's surname) once. But of course she can't be here with us tonight" and then tie it loosely back to the subject, while introducing big words "So I can see why you would have experienced that interaction with my son"

Works a charm.

Martha Craig said...

Well, I'm back, and all it required really was me to look very modest. My son is, of course, extremely fabulous. Martini o'clock!

Cathi said...

My parents watched Happy Days in the 70s and sympathised with Richie Cunningham and his mates. Then they watched the reruns in the 90s and realised to their horror they were now sympathising with the parents....It'll come, Martha, it'll come

nix said...

A little secret - the teachers are usually more scared of the parent / teacher interviews than the parents are. ;)