Friday, August 17, 2007

How to be a domestic goddess #1

People, I do not only mix martinis, today I am making granola. This stuff is like crack, or P (lets localise the drug). We ate the last lot by the handful, it is very yummy. The recipe is here, and it is worth making. I didn't like it with the raisins, but if you like raisins, you should go for them. I think it is pretty good without.

You can vaguely pretend it is healthy ("granola" has such an earnest ring to it), but don't kid yourself, it is probably as good for you as a packet of Anzac biscuits for brekkie.

Big ups to the intrepid cook Ange for sussing out great recipes. I did try one of her other muesli experiments, but I think the granola is the winner.


GiGi said...

M... Your life sounds so extrmemly blissful & carefree! ! ... Lurv the new banner .. how d'u do dat?

Martha Craig said...

Finn is home from school, and he is great at looking after Malo while I muck around doing my thing.

I bought the banner ages ago from Etsy - still haven't linked it properly, so don't look too closely.

Joanna said...

You certainly mix a magnificent martini, Miss Martha, I wish I could have had another!