Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Why my hair smells pretty (and other bits of me too)

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Work has gone pretty nuts over the last week or so - beginning of the month stuff - and I've been flat out with orders for shops.

This meant I couldn't make it to the Hustle for Autism last night. A real shame, it sounded great (better than sitting here making invoices and trying to get my GST return to work).

I sent Glen along instead, with instructions not to hold back at the auction. And he delivered. This basket of goodies was like christmas, filled to the brim with nice smelly stuff, and nail stuff and eye stuff. I should start doing product reviews of everything. Currently my hair is Amplified with something, and satined with something else, my body is cocooned with something creamy and my nails are kind of peachy coloured.

It was freaky expensive, but all for a good cause, so everyone wins ;-)


Hair Replacement said...

I like that you care about yourself, look so good and that's why you have such good results. I respect you.

Hair Transplant said...

I like your hair. This hair cut suits you very well.