Sunday, August 19, 2007

Craft2.0 was a fabulous success. I was visited by so many people, and it was a complete pleasure. I started making a big list of each person, and it would have taken me a bloody week to linky poo everyone, but to all of you, thanks for coming and saying hello! It was a huge day in all respects - complete sensory overload. You'll be relieved to know I did some excellent shopping, and I'm blinged up to the nines, my body is scrubbed, and we're enjoying our coffee from some lovely new cups.

I took the chiddlers to the Simpson's movie this morning. I liked it, especially the first 24 minutes, which I suspect is directly related to the fact that my attention span for the Simpsons is exactly one episode. The kids managed to keep reasonably still, although I had to resort to evil burger bribes halfway through to keep Malo quiet.

I joined a group on Facebook called "If 100,000 people join, my wife will let me name my second child Spiderpig". I love some of the names of groups on Facebook. I'm sorely tempted to join "I learned all of my life lessons from The Smurfs". Of course the Spiderpig group was a joke. There are crazy people around, and plenty that want to name their child ACDC, but in this instance it was an excellent experiment in viral internets, I loved all the "you are sick, nobody should call there (sic) kid Spiderpig)" comments (have you ever seen the comments on YouTube?). Ka pai, I say.

1 comment:

harvestbird said...

Can he swing from a web?

No he can't; he's a pig

Look out ... he's a spider pig.

That is all.