Friday, August 10, 2007

Then it changes...

Malo starts kindy on Monday. Suddenly I'm not really a full time mother (although I was never particularly convincing at that, given my prolific blogging and working habits).

I'm mainly excited. He'll love it, and I'll have some time during the day to work, rather than cramming it all into the evenings. It may even offer the chance for me to do some serious business growing - the possibility of getting on the phone and calling retailers without sounding like a zoo is pretty amazing.

We went into town this morning for one of our coffee dates, and took my father with us. We went to Dorothy Patisserie on Cuba St, a place I've found excellent in the past. My father went up to the counter to get some chocolates for my mother, but blanched a bit when he saw the range of novelty chocolates (think boobs and penniths). Dorothy! Why hast thou forsaken me? You were going to be my classy bakery to take Oy Vey, and now you're a chocolate fetishists dream.


Nikki and Hannah said...

Freedom is but hours away. Well, I use the term loosely as once you have kids you are never free.

Anyway, I'm just commenting to say that I tagged you for one of those '8 random things' posts. Feel free to ignore it, but I was running low on people to tag. :)


w.adams said...

Hey there Miss Martha, hope Malo has a lovely time. Bella is so looking forward to going there when we get back. BTW we are off tomorrow and given I haven't paid you for the most fabulous Ts yet you have a big fat credit for fabulous french goodies in store. Place your order! : ) W

Oy Vey said...

Oh I'm all about novelty confections. Nothing says class like chocolate boobs.

On several occasions, people have called The Monkey asking for "exotic cakes". We always get a little chuckle out of it - pina colada flavored? Chinese five spice? Kelp pepper?

Dorothy was the only bakery I could find with a website. It looks wicked cute. Do they have pavlovas? Because I must have a pavlova. Or five.

Martha Craig said...

I'm a New Zealand woman, it is in our DNA to make fabulous pavlovas - the bought ones are never quite right.