Friday, June 09, 2006

Baby has grown

My baby has climbed out of his cot -oh, about 10 times today. This means it is time to get him a bed, which means he is no longer a baby. I'm feeling no great urge to get pregnant, so that is a positive sign. I liked having a baby in the house, they're funny. But big kids are funny too, so I'll manage.

Big weekend again. Kids party tomorrow, then drinks with the fabulous Tinks and his lovely wife. Please blitz Tinks' blog as he is on a hit roll...

Then dinner and some game with a haka and throat slitting.

I don't know what next, hand bags, spear tackles, throat slitting. I guess logically the Apocalypse?

1 comment:

Pamela said...

Hold off on the Apocalypse until you have another baby!

Aren't babies fun? I say that now, not having any little ones in diapers of my own. All are potty trained. I think I hated that aspect of child rearing more than getting creamed spinach spit into my face a mealtimes.