Thursday, June 22, 2006

Christ, busy

Man, hectic life at the moment. You know, reclining on the new couch and all.

I wish.

My every wakeful moment at night is spent thinking up witty things to write, and my every hour during the day is spent not writing it.

And now I have to go and paint the kitchen floor.



Vicus Scurra said...

Don't do that. Paint the kitchen floor in an entirely frivolous way. You may be pleased with the results.

ogmprif - the colour you should use to optimise frivolity.

Martha said...

I'm finding not painting the floor to be the most frivolous way of all.

wdfyabcr - whadafuckareyeronabout

tinks said...
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Carmenzta said...

Martha, I'm awaiting the tons of witty and profound posts you will write once you get the work out of the way. You can always do what I do and try to ignore it. It doesn't go away but you get used to whatever it is you should be resolving and it stops bothering you, honest!

Kate said...

What colour?

Martha said...

The floor? Slate. Kind of grey actually, but Resene calls it slate.

The couch? Beige, and proud.

Kate said...

Nice. You'll have to take some pics ;)

Martha said...

All on flickr. I think you've got access to my privates? (Oooh err Benny Hill music alert)