Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Home again home again jiggity jig

There is nothing quite like coming home to a builder just finishing off plastering a hallway and bedroom that have been all crappy and woody and exposed for three years. Nor is there anything like writing really long sentences to make up for lack of writing for two days.

Waikanae was fabulous. Better than I could've imagined actually. I had this vague idea it would be pleasant, easy to get to, and by the sea. In fact the place we were staying was splendid
June 2006 107
I loved the clock on the stove. The view was okay too...
June 2006 117
and as you can see, we got very lucky with the weather. For the shortest day of the year, pretty darned amazing.
The sunset was lovely
June 2006 129
And if you click on the picture, and make it very big, you'll be able to see Taranaki. Children appreciate volcanoes being pointed out to them, and you may too.
June 2006 127
One tiny downer was the worst coffee I have ever had in my life. A cafe selling Supreme should not be selling hot dishwater. Nothing could dampen my spirits though, and a remarkably good coffee and SPLENDID cake at Lindale made everything better.

And now home. On my new seating.

And I've passed my course. What a relief.


Jessie said...

Congratulations! Lovely pictures too.

David said...

My folks have retired to Waikanae so when I visit it is like going on holiday, rather than returning to the place I grew up. The beach is quite lovely to walk on. In the winter, you can wrap up in a jacket. Which is a bit different from my current winter (28deg today). NZ beaches are covered in driftwood, which is a nice reminder that NZ hills are covered in trees. The beach smells nice. The sun sets behind Kapiti at different times and points during the year and is therefore endlessly fascinating for me as a photographer.

A few years ago I helped a mate build a house on a sand dune at Raumati. I got to work in the sun with a view of the island for a couple of months. It was nice.

Oy Vey said...

welcome home! looks amazing!

Dodderyoldfart said...

"... you'll be able to see Taranaki"

Yoo Hoo, Thats me Waving, the baggy overalls.

llew said...

I have on two occasions seen Taranaki from the beach at Sunnyo... those are the very two days that I did not have my camera with me...

Conmgrats on passing!

Kate said...

Congratulations on passing your course. Was there any doubt? ;)

Amazing pics. I love the pink sunsets on the coast. Mum & Dad get a similar view but out to Mana Island, T Bay and up the coast.