Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stitch and bitch - the second coming

Triumphant! I knew we could make it, and we did.

Last night stitch and bitch had an excellent turn-out, and what I think was a pretty great venue. There were plenty of people from the real world, and a couple from the blog one.

It was relaxing and pleasant, and people made clever things. I, on the other hand, just knitted for the sake of knitting. And drank wine for the sake of drinking wine.


It will be on Tuesday nights from now on, next meeting up on the 11th July.


Anonymous said...

Is it a closed group or do you excitedly accept newcomers?

Martha said...

we excitedly accept newcomers. The group has only had 2 meetings, and mostly we're all new faces to each other.

Drop me a line at wandaharland@gmail.com