Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mutter mutter

Goddamn Dancing with the Stars. I was very good at not caring about it, and it just crept up on me.

I'm very pleased that Beatrice is still in. Not because she is so graceful blah blah blah, but because she has the best partner. Brian is gorgeous. Krystal couldn't help herself rubbing Rodney's head, imagine what she'd be like with Brian.

I definitely won't be watching next week. No no no. Candy and Brendan are dancing, and frankly that is just about the most perverse porn I can imagine.

And really, I am off on holiday, really. No more writing. Promise.


frogstar said...

wow, your blogging finger is certainly on the pulse.. didn't that only finish 10 mins ago?
mm, brian is a total darling isn't he. and i love beatrice too. she looks so good in those girly frocks!
:-) happy holidaying, think of me in minus degrees down here in the deep south.

Cathi said...

Can someone tell me who Lorraine is? She seems devoid of personality to me, in what way is she a star?

Perhaps I have now committed social suicide and will be ostracised for the rest of my life.

I will admit she did an excellent rumba tonight but until now I've found her dancing ho-hum. Go Beatrice :) Large ladies of the world unite

Martha said...

I was thinking about Lorraine last night actually. She was Miss Universe in 80something. I was wondering if she really was the most beautiful woman in the whole UNIVERSE. I decided she probably was, because people from other planets would be likely to have evolved freaky features.

Thanks for the holiday wishes Frogstar, it is pretty nippy here too actually, but nothing like Chch (I grew up there, and it is fucking cold eh?)

frogstar said...

sooooo fucking cold. *grumble*

hers said...

Brendan and Candy - oil and sugar. Nasty. Enjoy the holiday.

Resh. said...

I really love Lorraine! So I really want her to win, but I have a feeling Queen B has a lot more voters! :(

Mr Stephen Rowe said...

Lorraine's nailed an All Black annnd a top rated cricketer - that's class!

Domestic Goddess said...

Oh dear, I guess you will also be gagging for NZ idol. Sell your TV.

llew said...

"Lorraine's nailed an All Black and a top rated cricketer"

But isn't it interesting that both those star performers have suffered speculation as to their true persuasion?

Maybe she should try a few bloggers next?

Martha said...

Who was the cricketer?

A friend from school scored the other. She is a she, so I can't confirm any speculation.