Friday, June 02, 2006


Help. Does anyone know what is wrong with my blog?

Update! Looks like I fixed it by cunningly clicking the refresh key several times.

Honestly, if anyone is ever troubled by a technical problem, you know who to ask.

Or I can tell you now:

  • Computer is a bit funny - defrag, then crash close it, then get Emily to fix it. You'll lose everything you hold dear, but it will stop your computer being funny.
  • Internet won't connect - unplug everything. Plug it in again.
  • Blog looks all mental - hit refresh. Elbow must be at 45 degrees, and your tongue has to poke out a little.
Thanks to Mr Llew, Mr Slack, and Ms Oy Vey for pointing out my sad status. I could have been missing all those hits that will eventually get me to the big three-oh.


brena said...

Where does it hurt?

Martha said...

It hurt all over as I had a small anxiety attack.

Now it feels like I've taken something very relaxing. The relief.

Dodderyoldfart said...

I thought it was just fog over Petone...