Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Beer o'clock

Maybe it is because I can't touch a drink, but my body is screaming out for a beer. We've got 2 kinds in the fridge, and wine. If I have a beer I'll have to have 4 though. It is that kind of feeling. The feeling you only get the day before the essay has to be handed in. Every other day you can have a beer and flag the essay, because there is always the day before the assignment is due. Which means today is the only day I can't have my beer.

I'm cursing Yesterday Martha for not taking the opportunity to have a beer then (although Yesterday Martha had a few glasses of bubbly over the course of the day). Today Martha is thirsty. Tomorrow Martha will most likely be drunk. I can't wait to be Tomorrow Martha.

And watch out weekend. Plans are afoot, and I ain't holding back.

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