Sunday, June 11, 2006

My mission to appear in the society pages has been taken up a notch.

For starters, I left the house.

And now I'm going to instigate the 'dress like a celebrity rule', and never leave home without sunglasses on.

In fact I think I'll wear them inside too.


David said...

But what if people mistake you for a Terminator robot?

Martha said...

I'm sick of people mistaking me for a cyborg.

I'm hoping they'll mistake me for Paris Hilton.

Cathi said...

Um, at the risk of sounding like an "I know Martha" wannabe, did I meet you on the Petone foreshore on Saturday?

I was kitefishing with my other half and, ahem, I was wearing sunglasses. A woman looking Just Like You Martha asked if we'd caught anything, and we commented on the glorious outdoors...

Martha said...

Sorry, you must've met a Martha Wannabe. I didn't make it down to the beach on Saturday.

What on earth is kitefishing?

Anonymous said...

Oh well, that's a shame. Another time maybe.
I should have come to the S&B - for some reason I thought it was a daytime event.

As for kitefishing, it's great fun, but a bit hit-n-miss. I blogged our very first and only truly successful attempt here

Cathi (comment page won't let me choose an id, sorry)