Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cultural experience - Soup Ray!

Happily there is a Supre (it should have an ecoute, or a grave - I don't know how to do them, or what the correct term is. School Cert French hasn't helped me much in life) opening in the Hutt. I saw the evidence today at the *cough* mall. A brigade of young women with long long blond hair, and short short skirts, and tight tight jeans.

Seriously, if you haven't done so already, you should take a stroll through a Supre store. Duh, not for the clothes silly! But for the loud loud pop music, and the trippy trippy colour.

It is a little bit like a migraine, it is also a little bit like a disco. You'll come out feeling better off, or throwing up. I almost guarantee it.


Kate said...

So are you drunk Martha yet?

Martha said...

Nah Kate. Sadly not. The authorities would take the children, and that would be a bad look.

Jo Hubris said...

A Supre in the Hutt? This is probably going to be the final straw in pushing my Internet boyfriend over the edge once and for all.

Stay inside for a few days, Martha, and keep the door locked.

Martha said...

Seriously, it is a marvel Supre hasn't made it here sooner.

Yeah, poor internet boyfriend. Are the Supre sluts better or worse than the preppies?

hers said...

One of my children, no, one of my step-children once said that I should take a look at Supre for hip and cool and with-it (or whatever the lingo is) clothing.

Then they blinked hard and mumbled something about there being a few size 14 clothes ... somewhere .. in a corner.

I have never been. :(

Kate said...

I think when they refer to Size 14 they actually mean for age 14.

Those darn teenboppers!