Monday, June 05, 2006

Big Love

I've had some friends from America send over Big Love. If you have some friends in America, why don't you get them to send you Big Love too?

It is very good. It is a series about polygamists in Utah. It is cinematic and excellent, and about 28 million times more interesting than Wisteria Lane.

It isn't really drama, and certainly isn't comedy. But it is dramatic, and funny. What do you call shows like that? Like Sopranos?


David Farrar said...

Yeah been watching it for a few weeks and is very funny, even though not a comedy. The teneions between the wives is well done.

duff said...

the phrase they use for those sorts of dramatic/funny shows is "dramedy" (as in drama + comedy)

what can i say?

Frontier Editor said...

Actually, it's called a felony in 49 states and paid lip service as a felony in Utah.

The premise of the show, I mean.

David Slack said...

As I type this, your friends in America are sending me the season finale of the Sopranos, which aired an hour and a half ago in New Jersey. They are kind indeed, and I am in a state of high anticipation,for the preceding 11 episodes did not by any means suck and neither, I expect, will this one. You should ask them for a copy.

Martha said...

My friends in America are sending me the final of Big Love at the moment too. Actually David, I can thank you for the friends in America. Before you introduced me I had no idea how to contact them.

Sopranos will have to wait a few days until my friends at Telstra give me some more lovin.

Alan said...

Oh Martha!

I thought it was me and Mr Reasonable who first introduced you to our American Friends.

I'm gutted.

On the other hand, Big Love does sound quite interesting. Have to finish Prison Break first though...

Martha said...

Oh Alan, you both introduced me to the whole concept. David gave me a very specific address and phone number for the new friends.

And you'll get a Wanda Harland award for your trouble, never fear.

I've only got 4 episodes of Big Love, as the earlier ones were a little slow in arriving. I'd be happy to share them with you if you like.

Alan said...

I was just kidding Martha.

Being a sad person of limited traffic-count, I thought a gratuitous link to my own pages might help the parlous state of my analytics.

Martha said...

Yes, but you had a very valid point.

And people would be well advised to check out your bit torrent information.

And your website, because it is very good. And all the nudity is very entertaining.

That should score a few hits.

Oy Vey said...

Watched the season finale last's a cliffhanger! lamenting the fact that hbo likes to really milk these things and wait years before coming out with the next season. though I don't think they can afford to pull that with BL like they have with the Sopranos.

So, martha, which wife are YOU?

Martha said...

I'm the perfect blend of the three. But better looking *cough*