Thursday, June 08, 2006

Free agent... the not being a student sense.

So today I was excited to be free, and you know, relishing my freedom and all that. Except it turns out that study gives you a certain amount of freedom to put things off (like housework, and hemming curtains, and high dusting and personal hygiene...).

None of which I've done. I did get a book out of the library though, and started to knit a scarf. And had some wine with dinner (yes, we are very uncool and eat at 5pm).

I'm sure I'll feel really keen to do the high dusting tomorrow.


Vicus Scurra said...

If I am correct in my assumption that 'high dusting' is performing duties of a domestic nature while under the influence of narcotics, then may I please advise against it?
You will either make everything worse because your judgement is impaired, or be found 14 hours later holding a feather duster, staring at a spider's web (possibly imaginary) waiting for the acid to wear off.
Not that I have done any of that stuff, you understand.

Martha said...

Yeah, um, my life is that rock n roll and hardcore.

All the time.


Frontier Editor said...

And there's the alternative, having Joni Mitchell singing about you - "I was a free man in Wellington, felling unfettered and hungoverrrrr . . . .."

Martha said...

Slightly off topic, but isn't it really really late for you at the moment?

Or perhaps not off topic. Are you on something?

Dodderyoldfart said...

Fairy Dust

Sarah said...

I love the term "high dusting". It's like "high tea"--just that little bit posh-sounding. One would hope you're planning to wear your best pinny for this illustrious event?

Kate said...

You could get the other wife to do the dusting.

Frontier Editor said...

Oh, sorry. Just an obtuse, sleep-deprived reference to freedom. Bet the possum got it, though ;B^D

Guinness_Girl said...

What on earth IS high dusting, anyway? Dusting the stuff up high, like the ceiling fan? Hmm.

I think you opted for way more fabulouso activities, anyway.