Saturday, June 24, 2006

The magic of jelly

Ha! People questioned the name of my blog Petone is Full of Jelly, but the selection of name foretold the coming of the Magic Jelly. Magic Jelly is in fact the name of the fabulous Etsy store where I purchased my beautiful new banner (I would love to take credit for it, sadly being clever on the computer is not one of my strengths). Long reign the Jelly.

Karena, who is the talent behind Magic Jelly, has been tirelessly helping me with my banner. Which is great, because left to me it was looking very very blurry, and not delectable and chocolatey.

Now I want some of her art. I foolishly resolved to try not to buy any art for the rest of the year, but in my experience these resolutions are generally forgotten in less than a week.

Go on, check her out. She rocks.


Frontier Editor said...

Probably a good thing she hasn't caught on in the States yet - there'd be too much sniggering about her nom d'art

Martha said...

What is Magic Jelly in the States? Is jelly something weird there?

Frontier Editor said...

Actually, in a few circles - not mine - it's a popular term for a certain brand of, shall we say, personal lubricant?

Those circles, however, are typically of the sort you won't find frequenting our blogs, however.

As for me, "Magic Jelly" has a whimsical, fun ambience that I would recommend you preserve (no pun intended),

Oy Vey said...

being stateside, i can't say for certain, but it certainly SOUNDS like the brandname of a personal lubricant. in fact, that IS the first thing i thought of when it read "magic jelly". but hey, we're all free thinkers here. live free or die (new hampshire state slogan).

Frontier Editor said...

Don't worry Martha, we'll let the name slide, so to speak.

Frontier Editor said...

Wait, I just noticed that you got rid of "Magic Jelly" as the title.

I was serious. I enjoyed the whimsy of it as a title. Damn. Should have kept my mouth shut.

Frontier Editor said...

I'm serious. I truly regret having posted those comments, and I didn't mean to cause you to retract a perfectly fine blog title.

Please forgive me for some truly unwarranted insensitivity. And you can post a round of insulting comments about my picture as part of my penance.

I really do feel awful about having caused this.

Martha said...

Bob! My blog was never called Magic Jelly, it is the name of an online store where I bought my banner.

My other blog is called Petone is Full of Jelly.

So you can rest easy.

llew said...

Looks good!

Frontier Editor said...

Oh. Okay. I must have gotten confused.

What a stupid bunt.

I'll just go back in the corner and drink quietly.

Martha said...

Thanks Llew.

Bob, any excuse to drink is good enough for me.

And it is probably a reflection on my poor writing and Steiner education that I didn't make myself clearer.

Drinks all round.

Frontier Editor said...

No Martha, it's more that my hair color is an indicator of my brain oxygen levels and my written comprehension ability.

Jessie said...

Er.. this is the firs time I've looked at your site properly (ie not through my reader) in a week or so, which is why I'm late to say Great New Banner!