Thursday, June 29, 2006

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

I'm going out tonight. That makes it 3 times this week. That represents a significant return to habits of yore.

I'm going to the Karajoz Great Debate thing at The Boatshed. I saw a clip on Campbell last night with the woman who is a Myspace (well a internet community) expert. I was all scathing and seeing it all as being about youf and all that.

But dammit, blogging? I am obviously at heart a 12 year old. I don't write much about politics (and I do happen to know a fair amount about that particular subject), I don't write much about anything serious really. So dude, I'm totally part of the whatever generation it is now. I've taken all my Gen X genes and morphed them into Genwhatever. I am the future baby.

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