Monday, June 26, 2006

The most scintillating thing you will ever see

Today is action central around here. I made a bit of my wardrobe look like a shop, or a celebrity's wardrobe from on the E! channel.

Except this is pretty much all my clothes. Celebrities seem to have more.

And since nobody has mentioned it, well done Lorraine and Aaron. Good work and all that.

God, I got so bored writing that, I'm almost asleep. I hope you are too now.


Pamela said...

You're much more organized than I! I have such a mess in my closet you can barely walk in there.

I applaud you for making me feel guilty from thousands of miles away. :grin:

Martha said...

You'll notice it is a very tiny picture of a very small and select part of the wardrobe. In fact there is a cheeky coat trying to muscle in from the right and mess it all up.

Vicus Scurra said...

Organised? Organised? Try putting all the same coloured stuff together. There's organised.

Martha said...

They're in order of most likely to be worn, which is a far more sophisticated system than you could even dream of.

frogstar said...

that's what my shelves are meant to look like. they did for about a week.
and i just saw you've linked to me... woooo!
thanks hun.

David said...

> Celebrities seem to have more.

Even I have more, and I'm mostly naked most of the time.

Carmenzta said...

Loverly new banner and impressive new section of the closet. NOTHING in my house is that organized and I expect it never will be unless I win the lottery and hire people to put my stuff in order. Not likely.

tom909 said...

Martha, I congratulate you on what must be the most fascinating post I've ever read. From the small amount of info that you have given us there would I be right in saying that you are obviously a person of great depth and vision, who, given the chance, could make a huge contribution towards peace on Planet Earth.

Resh. said...

That is just freakishly too tidy!! What I'd give to mess that part of the wardrobe all up!

My Mum folds my clothes like that, the next day though, I come along and lets just say, saying that it looks a tad more messy is such an understatement!!