Friday, June 02, 2006

Man Bank

I can't remember if I have written about this before. So I'll write again.

My friend Angela has started the Man Bank with her friend Jane. It is a very cool concept, and she was interviewed on Saturday by Kim Hill.

If you're single you should hook up with them. They rock. And if you don't live in Wellington, you should look at opening a Man Bank Franchise. The possibilities are limitless.


Oy Vey said...

HAAA! Love it. Absolutely need a franchise in Philly. Are the men guaranteed insured like deposits one actually makes in a real bank? because that would just be killer.

Martha said...

I think the men are guaranteed insured as much as one can - ie probably not at all. They are interviewed at length in a social situation, which I think sounds like the best bit. I want to be a ManBank interviewer.

Dodderyoldfart said...

"Are you sick of the 2am scramble?..."

More 2am scrambles I say, ... but at a more civilized hour. It's exhausting being a sex object.

ps I'm legally tender.

The Editter said...

Exactly what I was thinking Martha, I want to be a ManBank interviewer!