Friday, June 30, 2006

Great beer drinking debate

I went out last night to this Karajoz Great Debate thing.

I'm now a bit jaded, you might say. Therefore I'll be writing in a new easy to follow format of questions and answers. Feel free to chip in.

Did Sam Morgan use the word obfuscate in a sentence?

Was Sam Morgan hot?
Actually surprisingly yes.

Was Kim Hill there, making you a bit starstruck?
She was!

How many beers?
Too many to count really.

How many bloggers?
Too many to count really.

Did you insist on calling Mark Cubey Mark Cubey, rather than just Mark?

I'll add to this throughout the day.


Anonymous said...

I would have done all of them

Anonymous said...

sorry, that should have been in this format:
would you have done all of them?

Martha said...

Especially Calvin eh?

Anonymous said...

Strating with Calvin and working down the list

llew said...

Even Mark Cubey?

noizy said...

sam morgan: it's the cheek bones.

when danah walked in, I thought she was quite hot, but, my god, imagine being with someone who talked that much all the time.

and thanks for the beers. owe you one or three...

Martha said...

Cheekbones, brains, a few spare dolleros.

You're welcome, I'll take you up on the beers, but not today. Detox central.

Jo Hubris said...

Whatever happened to hair of the dog, Martha?

Lisa said...


Frontier Editor said...

It's off topic, but I really hadn't had much time to tell you hi since I got back from my so-called vacation. And thaanks for the new McCartney joke ;^D

Martha said...

Hi there Bob, the McCartney joke was a doozy. How is life back at the ole grindstone?