Thursday, November 03, 2005

Adult swing seat

You need to be careful what you come up with when you search "adult swing seat". However, in this instance it is my hot tip for a Christmas pressie for a loved one - or for yourself.

I bought my father one of these swing seats about 12 years ago. It is still going strong, hung from a tree in the Wairarapa. It is probably the most comfortable place you will ever enjoy. Glen has put in a request for one. They're kinda pricey, but hell, some people pay that much for a massage.

Speaking of which, I saw a job for a tantric masseuse in the paper yesterday. They offer on the job training.


Alan said...

"...on the job training."

Horrors! I get this image of a bearded and crusty hippy needing nubile nymphets to pass tantric "wisdom" on to, so places ad in paper passing it off as "training"...

Mike said...

That title had me rushing to your blog - eas expecting something very suburbian, possibly involving car keys and a lot of "friends of the evening".

But no.