Thursday, November 10, 2005

Helpful post

That Supernanny, Jo Frost, is okay. Lots of parents are a little useless, and her advice is useful for people that haven't discovered Diane Levy.

Always make passes at girls who wear glasses (but not boys with moustaches)


This public service announcement was brought to you by a seabreeze.

And edited with due remorse that Wanda Harland had turned to griping about tv stars.


Lisa said...

See, now, I kinda like her. Infact, I'd do her.

Martha said...

I'm feeling a bit remorseful about being mean about her. I'm going to edit the post now so that it is nicer.

I try to be nicer really.

Kate said...

I like Diane Levy. I don't have any beasts but it's interesting to see what hell other people go through. It's a mental contraception.

Someone was going on the other day about how much they hate Diane Levy and how she has crazy hair. I kinda laughed... I normally flick my hair out like that! Yikes.

Reshma said...

Supernanny is the coolest! she really is! I love watching that show. Why can't she be my nanny? ...guess being 18 is a tad too old for one huh!

Urban Chick said...

the woman is a whizz (respect, jo!) although her spoken english leaves something to be desired:

thas not asseptubble behavyur!

Martha said...

I have to confess I wrote a fairly scathing review of Mis Frost, and then felt bloggers remorse.

It wasn't asseptuble behayvur at all.

Anna said...

My 5-yr-old son is still prone to tantrumming [aren't they sposed to stop by this age?] so I would so love it if Jo F could come to my house and tell us what rotten parents we are and how beyootifull our kids are...but I'd rather not be on telly. I wonder if she would come to NZ? In the meantime, I am reading her book, from the library. It's quite good.