Sunday, November 06, 2005

Martha and Glen's Excellent Adventure (with illustrations)

We arranged for my mother to babysit and stay overnight, so that we wouldn't feel guilty about returning home late.

Like two people not in their 30s and 40s we waited for the train at Ava Station with all the naughty youths.

On our way to the big smoke

It was very festive on the train. Lots of young people, old people and families setting off for the fireworks display. One young boganess was boasting of her cheap drunk status "Only takes me 6 KGBs" - "Jailbait" muttered the elderly lady next to us.

The fireworks were great, aided in part by our coffee cups of beer. Now that is classy. We hooked up with my sister there.

After the display we went up to Bodega. Being from the 'burbs we forgot that absolutely nobody is seen dead at the pub before 10pm. This meant we scored primo seats.

Mestar played first. They were brilliant. The first song sounded like a bit of a tribute to Garageland, but not in a bad way. They tell me they're recording next week, so keep an ear out. They're with Arch Hill Records.

The Bats played next, and they were GREAT. Amazing. There ended up being loads of real Bats groupies there.


Just to clarify in case anyone missed it, I'm related to a couple of the Bats, so I don't quite qualify as a groupie, but I sort of am.

Paul and Kaye

They did lots of old and new songs, and two encores. Kaye sang Mir so beautifully I nearly wept. It was lovely. My sister and I danced lots. I didn't try and boof into anyone, which shows how mature I have become since I last danced at Bodega.

Bats playing

And we drank lots. And I didn't even know Bodega had a secret squirrel bar. And it was great.

Me at Bodega

And we got home at 3am. And we got woken at 6.10am. So I'm a bit tired today.

It was worth it though.


My Lady Reshma said...

Lol - I have no idea who the Bats are...sounds like you had a great time.
Is that last pic a picture of you? If so you actually look as if you could be in your twenties! :-)

Martha said...

Thanks Reshma!

stephen said...

Ha ha ha looks like you met Don AND Roger. Either one would have an experience on their own - together? Dynamite!

Glad you enjoyed Mestar - one of the "Great Under-Appreciated Gems" of NZ music of the last 5 years or so.