Monday, November 07, 2005


Wicked! I've just been told, and then witnessed myself, that Chow is opening in Petone.

If you ever had any doubts about the Hutt, let them go and move out here pronto.



Anonymous said...

Found your blog doing a search on Petone. We're building up a great "insiders view" picture of the place reading your archives. Cheers!!
Considering moving out there's not really the Hutt is's Wellington's North Shore? ;o) Drove out there at the weekend and think it's all looking pretty vibrant - plus you've the added bonus of the lingering evening sunshine given that you're on the flat. (Quite a startling difference from up in Melrose where we are living currently.)
Our only reservation is perhaps the schools? Know there's the Steiner school up in Belmont, and a Montessori out there somewhere, but any opinions yourself (or your readers) on the state of the state schools in Petone and there abouts?
Love your enthusiasm, and enjoying your blog. More Cheers. Lou, Adrian and kids.

Martha said...

I had reservations about the school situation too. however, the kindy Finn goes to is great, and our nearest school is Wilford, which I have heard is really good. I went to Steiner in Belmont, and it would be fair to say that I shouldn't comment. I'm sure it is better now. Apparently they're opening a Steiner kindy in Alicetown soon. I think they're having a fair up there this Sunday, so a good chance to check it out.

It is sunny all day. It is pretty brilliant actually. And I think it is easier to get into town from here than from parts of Wellington. We caught the train in the weekend and it was great. 12 minutes!

I could go on forever. If you have any questions, feel free to email me martha at woosh dot co dot nz

Mr Reasonable said...

Never had a bad meal at Chow. Used to frequent the one in Woodward Street which is now Dojo or something. Food is the same style but bigger portions. Yum.

Violet said...

Chow's great. My first experience there wasn't that wonderful because I didn't realise that you either save money and buy one of the noodle dishes, or splash out and buy lots of the nibble-y dishes. Any other combination and you'll still be hungry at the end. But once I found this out I became a total fan of the place.

Martha said...

I'm so excited. We're hoping they'll have a bit of a bar vibe. Petone has pubs, but not really bars if that makes sense.