Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend roundup

It was my biggest weekend in YEARS.

Friday night we went to a friend's house for dinner. What a fab night. We started with bubbly yummy drinkie things, and moved through an amazing menu. Outfuckingstanding. We even had the new Beaujolais. Felt quite flash and fun and grownup.

And Saturday we went to SJD and Phoenix Foundation. I'm no reviewer, but suffice to say we thought it was the best gig ever ever ever. SJD were fab. Such musicians! Such a light show! And that drummer! What a legend.

And Phoenix Foundation? Little known fact - Phoenix Foundation were my chosen labour music, so I was already a fan, but they were soooo good. Glen announced at the end they are his new favourite, which I thought was really funny, like when you're 12. They were great though. Such a show! They had terrific visuals too.

And I saw Noizyboy and introduced myself (he looks just like his picture). He was very nice.

And I saw loads of other people who I like a lot too. It was very convivial, and now I want to go to Fly My Pretties at the Opera House on the 9th December, and I think anyone reading this should go.


noizy said...

'Twas lovely to meet you too. I'm glad I could make a nice impression in the 20 or so seconds we had to converse. ;)

And it was a great gig too. Magic.

Domestic Goddess said...

I am envious, what a stunning evening. I love welli it just seems to have so much more to offer than stinky ole canterbury.

Martha said...

It was pretty fabulous. Although if I lived in Canterbury I'd buy the tickets to the Rippon Estate music festival in Feb (I saw some on Trademe). I guess with a baby these things are less practical!

Actually Christchurch is my home town, so I kind of like it.

Rosiemunda said...

hooray! I'm sad to miss it. THe P F have been promissing to come over here for a year now and they haven't, arg! Maybe they will do an encore when i'm over for christmas..

nelly bloggs said...

Wasn't it a brilliant night. It was the best thing I have ever seen the PF do - they are just getting better every time. I loved the visuals too. Was tempted to fly to Auckland and see that show too.
And the extra bonus of the night was seeing you, beautiful girl, and meeting Glen.