Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kindy has turned to custard

Poor Finn has decided to hate kindy. It is killing us all. On one hand I know we should persist through all the crying and being miserable (and Finn's crying too), but I'm just not convinced it is worth it. Kindy only runs for another 5 or 6 weeks, and it would seem mad to keep pushing it if he isn't going to get better.

The teachers are being very nice and telling us the right thing to do is leave him to it.


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Domestic Goddess said...

Yes, you have to choose your battles well. Is it worth the torment or will you simmer in the fact he won. Good luck.

Scooter Sue said...

Problem with afternoon kindy for 3 year olds (I've aways thought, and I don't know everything!) is that 3 year olds generally like have quite a quiet time of an afternoon. Afternoon kindy just isn't designed to suit a whole bunch of preschoolers. Perhaps Finn will thrive better when morning kindy comes around (at about age four?). Meantime...there's got to be some decent playgroups around Petone??
All the best to you!

Martha said...

It doesn't really seem like a battle, as I'd much rather not take him to kindy. It is kind of a pain, as you say Sue - they need a bit of quiet time in the afternoon, so it is completely the opposite of any instincts.

However, until a couple of weeks ago he loved it, and he seemed to be a bit better today, so hopefully the pain is going to abate.