Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crawly Crustacean

Bloody hell. You stop blogging for two days, and suddenly you're a Crawly Crustacean.

Mutter mutter.

Anyhow, I'm feeling VERY HI TECH. Well, I have my very high tech friend Emily busily trying to retrieve lost files, and in the meantime I have set up our old PC in the sleepout. Gads, it is virtually a network.

What next? We'll be talking on one of those telephonic thingamabobs to people miles away! We'll be watching people walk on moons! We'll be getting food delivered by men in cars!


Em said...

Phew! I'm very glad you are not deprived of the Interweb, and that we are not deprived of Wanda. Progress is being slowly made...

Tom said...

They've changed the algorithms on the ecosystem thing. I fell from reptile to mollusc in one day!