Thursday, December 01, 2005

Which Buffy Character Would You Do?

The second of a series of polls to find out who you’d do.

The first, Which Wiggle Would You Do to this day nets me a handsome amount of blog traffic.

This poll only contains characters that are around now in my watching world, so sorry if you want someone from a later series.

You may vote for as many characters as you'd like to do.

You are encouraged to comment about who you voted for and why.

I shall offer a pop psychological profiling article at such a time as I fancy it.

Which Buffy Character Would You Do?

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Alan said...

What about Glory? For those blokes who like psycho chicks or Angeline Jolie?

And what a good poll. I especially like how one doesn't have to be restricted to one choice. Nice touch.

Mike said...

What's a Buffy? Isn't that so last century? Or have I just insulted every 25-35 year-old going?

David said...

I'd pick Faith if she were on the list. And Harmony too, since I've got a thing for evil ditzes.

Luis P'Quis said...

yup you definitely need faith on your list there. and not to be picky but it's Xander not Zander :)

Martha said...

oops, sorry about Xander. I actually thought it probably was (from Alex), but then went with Zander because it seemed more like American spelling! I can't change it now, but please accept my apologies.

And none of these other character you mention have appeared in my Buffy world yet. I'm only halfway thru season 2, so bear with me. There will be further polls I imagine...

Jo Hubris said...

Why hasn't everyone ticked every box? I don't get you people. But also, as Chief Spoiler Guard for the Internet, Martha said in a couple of entries back that she's only in the second series, so ixnay on the piolers eh!

Martha said...

Thanks Jo, but don't worry, I saw the last couple of episodes I think, and quite a bit of season 5ish, so I do know a few of the characters etc.

tinks said...

I'm siding with Jo on this one. It should be Which Buffy Character Wouldn't You Do?
And the same goes for Dawson's Creek and teh OC.

Make Tea Not War said...

Its a tie between Spike and Oz. Why? because they are Spike and OZ obviously. I can't possibly be expected to choose

Violet said...

Mainlander Mike - Buffy is forever.

You can never watch too many Buffy episodes in a row, unless it prevents you from eating, bathing or looking after your children.

Alan said...

Jo: I draw the line at Giles. And maybe Oz, such bad PMS and a tad hairy for my liking. said...

Never seen Buffy so can't comment.
I think you should make another poll
"Which Blake's 7 character would you do?"