Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cookie time

As promised some words about recipes.

November-December 2005 045
I made these cookies using a very nice Nigella recipe. However, I needed to use a little initiative as we only had half as much flour as the recipe called for. I had a box of Dutch Apple Cake mix from the Dutch shop, which I substituted for half the flour. I have a tendency to buy exotic treats from the Dutch Shop, but then don't really know what they are or how to use them.

May I just take a moment to recommend the Dutch Shop in Petone? It is chocka full of goodies. The dutch like everything tasty and not much healthy, so it is a haven for chocolate, liquorice, bickies, croquettes and most notably massive rounds of gouda. The gouda is cheap as chips andn DELICIOUS. Try the cumin one. Mmm.

Back to baking. My cookies are yummy. I will never be able to replicate the recipe due to the unconventional ingredients, so perhaps I should send a couple to Te Papa to keep as unigue pieces of Dutch/Kiwiana.


Make Tea Not War said...

What pretty biscuits! How domestic goddessy of you.

I'm thinking I might check out this Dutch shop for Christmas present ideas.

Kate said...

They look freakin' delicious!

Are you having problems updating your blog?

llew said...

Hey! Wot happened to the long comemtn I just left?

Oh well. SHort version: Nice looking bikkies.

llew said...

Working again now - it was all about what a cosmopolitan place Petone seems to be - Seth Effrican shops, Italian shops, Davis (Asian? davis is such an Asian name) trading...

and now Dutch!

Feck... this code word is a bit of a bugger... last one which didn't work was doddle.


didn't work, Now it wants mycbjzk

Jo Hubris said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm cumin gouda. I like the Dutch shop lots because when I described my grandmother to the ladies who work there, and said how she loads us up with treats all the time, they had the grace to pretend to recognise my description. Well, they might have been telling the truth anyways, who knows?

Are you Dutchified enough to be eating Chocolate Hail on toast yet?

Domestic Goddess said...

Oh yeah today I just made buttercake which is my absolute fav dutch treat, it tastes like uncooked cookie dough. Although no where near as visually as beautiful as yours.

Reshma said...

They look Scrumdidlyumptious!