Thursday, December 15, 2005

Not a post

I'm not posting this, as the 100 comments haven't yet been reached. If they're not reached soon there will be no chocolate left.

That is all I'm saying.

Apart from about birthday pressies. I've got some! Today in the mail I got a nice Dish magazine, I'm sure the promotions people sent it out because they knew it was almost my special day, and the little brochure about buying a subscription was surely a joke.

And I got a singlet from Glen's mum, very nice.

And my sister sent me some lovely goodies from Japan.

And I have a small music player arriving tomorrow - wahoooo. It is an iRiver, but not the U10, this one has more memory (still only 5GBs) which will be PLENTY. And it has a radio. It is called the H10 if you're curious. I'll photograph the lovely beastie when it gets here.

But I'm not posting any of this until you all comment some more.



reshma said...

Well I see that you have now reached your target! - Fairly fast done!

Hope you have an awesome Birthday and get spoiled rotten! - Your not old at all!


Anonymous said...

its hard being born so close to xmas eh? (competing with son of god n'all)
still, a nice clean singlet will always come in HANDI

Martha said...

Nice and subtle there!

Thanks Reshma, I don't feel old either, so I'm pretty happy.