Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Have you noticed?

have you noticed a certain amount of sobriety around these parts lately? My system is unhappy, and I'm giving it a few weeks rest from the vino, although a friend tells me that wine is bad, and white spirits are a much better drink for your tummy.

The unfortunate side effect of drying out is that my creativity seems to dry up a little too. I tend to make fewer sweeping statements and rant less about telly. Actually there hasn't been any telly since Buffy. Tonight is Project Runway night though, and it is my TOTAL FAVOURITE.

Anyway. It is my birthday next Friday, and I am going to resume normal service at that point. Until then I will blog about kindy committees, knitting and recipes.



Kate said...

You're still funny/clever/entertaining even though you're sober.

It's all in your mind - you just want to be drunk. And by drunk I mean that slightly elated tipsy feeling where the world is your oyster and all thoughts and feelings seem to dance about like magic nymphs.

But that’s just MHO. ;)

Martha said...

Kate, you're so kind.

I just seem to be having that feeling a lot lately of "what the hell am I gonna write", whereas normally I have about 48 ideas a day, and have to discard them. Which is quite easy, as I'm a bit lazy really.

I like the nymphs. It is the stampeding elephants the next day I am becoming less and less keen on.

Kate said...
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Kate said...

I normally think of stuff at weird times and then forget it the next day. It's like my mind has this little creative cottage filled with wee elves working away and the bag they put the ideas into is actually a black hole.

I've lost numerous song, movie, book, costume and fashion ideas due to this freakin hole. And the ones I remember I don't have the skill to implement.

Maybe I should be a geek and carry a notebook.

Kate said...

All I want is just one great idea! Just one hundred and five million dollar baby!

David said...

Would you like to write about crocodiles and outbacky stuff? I could send a couple of photos to get things started.

Martha said...

David, if outbacky stuff is knitting and recipes, I'm keen as mustard.

And Kate, I think I have some ideas, but the energy to action them is somewhat lacking.