Friday, December 16, 2005

Best Man

I'm a best man. Not so much a man, and certainly not the best at much, but in less than a month I'm my dear friend Alex's best man.

Tomorrow is the stag do. I volunteered a trip to Mermaids, but it wasn't taken up with quite the enthusiasm I'd expected (although in hindsight THANK GOD).

We're going to start of nice and slow, with lunch at the Matterhorn, and who knows what manly hi-jinks will follow. I've readied myself with an amusing ball and chain, some shaving cream and a hooker. I can't wait.


genesis said...

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Mike said...

[ignoring above comment spam - I got one as well]

Mermaids - everyone should go once, just to see the absudity of a woman swimming around naked in a large fish tank and the 'gentlemen's reactions. Comedy like that needs supporting. Once.